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Audio  Guestbook  Rentals


Our Audio Guest Books allow you to capture the real voices of your wedding.

The Mother that leaves the sentimental, heartfelt message. The cousin that re-tells that “had to be there” moment from 10 years ago. The drunken groomsman saying something he’ll probably regret tomorrow

(but has now immortalised forever).


Like wedding photos and a fine wine.. these voicemails will get better and better with time.

Renting the Audio Guestbook


  • Vintage Style Audio Guestbook Phone

  • Custom “after the beep” Voicemail Message

  • Battery Powered for 10-12 Hours

  • Unlimited Audio Recordings Up To 2.5 Minutes Long Each

  • Simple 1-Step Setup – Just plug into power and wait for the light

  • Automatic Backups – (Safeguards your messages in case of power or device failure)

  • Drop off and Pick Up Included

  • Set Up Included w/ Cocktail Style Table/Linen

Vintage Phone.jpeg
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