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A lot goes into the planning process, from finding the perfect venue to picking the date, and of course, choosing your:

• DJ

• Planner

• Photographer

• Videographer

Coordinating with multiple vendors is time-consuming, expensive and a lot of points of contact to track. Full-service wedding vendors have many perks that make your wedding a top-priority. In fact, if you’re planning on getting married, you need to consider the following full-service benefits:


1. Teams That Coordinate Together

Coordination is the key to success in a wedding, and while vendors always try to work together, they can’t compete with a team of professionals that work together on a daily basis. When vendors are close-knit and know how each other works a wedding, it helps deliver:

• Videos that will be timed perfectly with the music

• Pictures that are taken at just the right time

• DJs who know when to step out of the way of other vendors

And when the planner is involved with all of the vendors, it allows for every wedding to run smoothly. There's no concern that a vendor will be running late or a no-show and throw off the entire wedding.

You also benefit from monetary benefits, too.

2. Lower Overall Costs

Want to save money? Working with multiple vendors under the same company can save you money, too. The vendor can provide all of the services for cheaper because there’s less advertising and overhead involved.

You'll be able to hire the best in the business without having to pay premium prices.

3. Fewer Points of Contact and Less Stress

Want to talk to one central contact who can convey your wishes to all vendors without needing to make four or five calls? You can with a full-service operator. The need to contact multiple people disappears so that you only need to call a single person.

For a happy couple that already has enough on their plate for their wedding day, having a single point of contact is priceless.

4. No Concern of No-Shows or Cancellations

A lot of time and effort goes into planning a wedding. When you’ve made down payments and are just a few weeks from your wedding, the last thing you to hear is that your photographer has to cancel. Life is unexpected, and even the best in the business have to cancel on weddings. When working with full-service wedding vendors in Pittsburgh, you have the confidence of working with a large team. The team is available to make sure that if a photographer, DJ, videographer or someone else has to cancel, someone replaces them.

You won’t have to work with a new vendor, nor will you have to scramble at the last minute to find someone else. Weddings deserve the time and attention needed to make your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza. Full-service wedding vendors can offer the best service and price for your wedding.


We just wanted to say that we love what we do. Being a part of the best day of a couple’s life is something you can’t get in any other line of work. From wedding photography and videography to wedding DJing and MCing, we’ve been involved in many capacities in many, many weddings. With the coming year, we’re looking forward to being involved in many, many more!

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