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Wedding Planning Panic 

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Planning Got You Crazy 

Everyone knows the notorious tale of the ‘wedding planning process’; the often  daunting task of preparing everything so that your day can run as smoothly and  problem free as possible. From hiring a venue and catering service to a photographer  and DJ, there is a lot to think about. It’s highlighted (often dramatically) through  movies, as we see many a ‘Bridezilla’ losing the plot trying to ensure her wedding day  is nothing short of perfect. Of course, in reality, it is super exciting, but,  undoubtedly, it comes with at least a sprinkling of stress. Therefore, we wanted to  find a way to take the pressure off, make the process easier and watch couples take a  sigh of relief when they see that we have it covered.  

Let’s Take Down The Stress   

Here at Endyevents, our extensive experience means that we ​know ​weddings and  what our happy couples expect. The fundamental thing that every couple wants is a  day filled with joy, love, warmth and smiles (and maybe an open bar), where they can  take a breath and think “phew, we did it”. This is why we created our company based  on the idea of making life a little easier by combining various elements in the one  place. We offer trusted and professional photographers, videographers, DJs and  photo booths so that you don’t have to scramble around researching endless  companies and hiring from different places. We know that our couples have enough  on their minds—especially our blushing brides who seek the perfect dress, venue,  cake and menu. We combined our talented professionals and savey wedding  knowhow to offer a service that lives up to expectations.

Choosing Your Service   

Videography—​We get it, some people like to go traditional and stick with a  photographer and a wedding band—but in this every advancing world that we live  in—we want to offer the experience of using modern, high quality videography to  capture the essence of your day. We think that pictures are wonderful and precious,  but we like to spot the special looks between the bride and groom...and the  unstoppable dad dancing come the evening. Our aim is to create a film that you will  want to watch over and over.

Photography—​Capturing those special moments on your wedding day is what we’re  all about. Our professional and reliable picture-takers are there to capture those  mid-laughter moments, those glass-clinking moments and, of course, those quiet  moments between the happy couple. We don’t miss a thing.


DJ—​We contract experienced, enthusiastic DJs who are ready and waiting to get  people on their feet, play all your chosen songs, not to mention any cheeky requests.  With high quality equipment and an abundance of music, the tunes don’t stop until  you say so.    

So, why complicate things by contracting various people/services when you can get it  all in the one place? Let’s kick the stress, even a little, and take care of some of the  important stuff. We ​know​ weddings and we want ​you ​to ​know​ ​us.  

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